Product and Project Managers

Ensuring on-target delivery of a
growing tech team

We provide full time, dedicated product and project manager to work exclusively as part of your team. This role starts becoming invaluable when your Houston team grows beyond 5 people and you need someone on the ground to keep the wheels turning.

All managers are sourced by our experienced in-house recruitment team based on your brief. We only engage with managers that have proven education and experience in their field of expertise and are a good cultural fit for your business and our local offices.

All candidates undergo a proven recruitment process that includes multiple interviews including a technical and communication assessment before presenting the candidate to you.

Moving forward HR, office facilities and equipment is provided by us and the technical leadership of the team by yourself. Our project managers will support the on-boarding process and if required stay on longterm. Clients are provided with the best ‘all-inclusive’ talent and pay a single monthly invoice for their team members.

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Great with people
  • Project management skills
  • Scrum masters
  • Technical background

View example Resume here

Resume Example

All of the services include

Guaranteed dedicated and fulltime resource availability

Dedicated client account management

Project management support

Cultural investment and professional development for each team member

Secure and modern office facilities

All employee overheads such as tax, pension, insurance, HR support