Lowes Menswear (powered by Bauer Systems)

Retail, e-commerce, fintech

Melbourne, Australia 

About Lowes

The Lowes project is run by Bauer Systems, a Melbourne based agency that offers virtual CTO, business analysis and product management service. The Lowes discount system is a portal for this retailer’s customer and payment management.

What we delivered

Web app with a team of 4 full time and dedicated developers

What parts we’ve developed

API, back end, front end, customer support system

Unique features

Complex discount system

Tech backend
Tech frontend
Hosting and Database
AzureMS-SQLArrango DB

Andrew Bauer

CTO, Bauer Systems

What I love is the attitude of collaboration. Everyone is passionate and professional and wants to be of service. It's my first time working with an overseas team and it has been highly successful.

Click on the image to see a short interview with Andrew Bauer about his experience with Houston and why he can't imagine working with anyone else.