GovTech - WebApp, Mapping System

Sydney, Australia 

About Advoc8

Advoc8’s goal is to bring change to public policies in Australia. MPs care about the issues affecting the people who elect them. Advoc8 Maps demonstrates the impact of your organisation in the place that matters most, their electorate.

What we delivered

Full time, dedicated senior full-stack developer to build and maintain their latest product "Advoc8 Maps"

What parts we’ve developed

API, UI, control system

Unique features

Work with complex data from elastic search


Successful launch of this brand new product in Q3 2019

Tech backend
Ruby on rails
Tech frontend
Hosting and Database

Harry Curotta

CTO and co-founder, Advoc8

Working with Houston has really felt like a partnership. As an early stage company every person who joins our team can massively impact our trajectory for the good, or the bad. Houston took the time to really understand the kind of hire we needed, and the proof is in the pudding. Our frontend dev has been a fantastic addition and we hope he continues to accelerate our product development for a long time to come.