Let us introduce you to
our offices in Kharkiv

Where the magic happens.


Prime location for prime talent.

Our primary office is located in the city centre of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city and often regarded as the scientific, industrial and educational centre of Ukraine.

Boasting a population of 1.5 million, the city counts 38 higher educational institutions and over 450 IT businesses.

Because of Kharkiv’s high student population, the city enjoys a great energy with cafes, restaurants and bars, loads of cultural entertainment and a good public transport system.

The 30+ faculties contribute to the fast growing IT industry in Kharkiv as they produce more and more IT, science and maths graduates that move into software development as longterm career.

Office fit out

We believe environments shape culture.

Over many years we have learned that modern, secure and creative work context contributes to the overall happiness, productivity and loyalty of each team member.

We continuously invest in our work spaces to ensure excellent results for both client and team member.

Our offices are light filled and in a great location. 
We have invested in ergonomic chairs and desks, lovingly decorated break-out areas and well equipped meeting rooms.

Developers are supplied with IT equipment as-needed including laptops, large monitors and headsets upon commencement of work with Houston.

Office management

Houston’s full-time community manager’s primary task
is the wellbeing of all team members.

Responsibilities include detailed onboarding processes, provision of a secure and tidy work space each day and a harmonious office atmosphere.

Regular check-ins with each team member enable us to identify both opportunities and risks early. This is important when skilled IT talent is in-demand globally and organisations are willing to pay top dollar for skilled resource.

Access to the talent pool

Using Kharkiv as the main hub for our engineers has
always been a strategic choice.

Ukraine is becoming increasingly popular and renown for its highly skilled IT talent. It ranks fourth on a global scale in number of tech workers and keeps its place in the top ten in various statistics when it comes to quality of software development.

Compared to other IT cities in Ukraine - such as Kiev and Lvyv - Kharkiv is just this little bit more cost effective and less saturated.


Culture is key when it comes to the workplace.

Culture is king and we can't stretch this point enough. We believe that much can be overcome and achieved with the right culture.

Our intake process at Houston includes strict assessments ensuring the growth of our business with individuals that understand, respect and are willing to contribute to our culture.

Our culture is rooted in our three core values: we care - we listen - we deliver.

The fruit of healthy culture is seeing people being themselves in the workplace, growing personally and professionally and the way they treat others.

English lessons
Weekly English lessons for intermediate and advanced students
Snacks, fresh coffee and weekly lunches
Birthday celebrations, local sport events, industry event attendance and team dinners


Knowing that we deal with sensitive data, we have
invested heavily in security measures and policies.

Our office is monitored by a 24 hour security system with only authorised personnel able to access the facilities.

Focused and professional on-boarding of new team members ensures the alignment of employer and employee including information security and management training further assists with overall security.

Internal security training for all team members happens regularly and depending on the clients needs, additional security measures, such as separate networks, can implemented - even within hours.