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IT Industry

The biggest challenge Scaleups face today is not what you think it is

An article by Houston's CEO Carmen Lincolne
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Houston business

Houston’s impact to your bottom line

We’ve run the numbers in detail
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Is Cultural Fit Important when Recruiting a Remote Team?

Do you need cultural fit for effective offshore management or is it just a nice-to-have? 
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InterviewIT Industry

Women in Technology: An honest interview with the ladies at Houston

How do women in tech really feel?
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IT Industry

Women in Software Development in Ukraine

A hot topic that we went to explore a little further.
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IT Industry

How to best manage my offshore team?

Tips and tricks from our learnings working across time zones and cultures
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IT Industry

Why Ukraine is the modern haven for software development

A study of the Eastern European software development market.
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All of the services include

Guaranteed dedicated and fulltime resource availability

Dedicated client account management

Project management support

Cultural investment and professional development for each team member

Secure and modern office facilities

All employee overheads such as tax, pension, insurance, HR support